How to securely lock files with Folder Lock.


Technology has made life simple and complicated at the same time. It’s simple because those who can learn how to utilize it can get things done faster and in a more productive manner. On the other hand, threats such as cyber-crime, insider attacks, phishing and the likes are forcing many to lose trust in information technology, these people believe that their privacy is being violated. Needless to say, they do have a point. Nonetheless, there certain steps people can use technology in a safe environment.

Accordingly, when it comes to digital privacy, there are certain files that should not be left unprotected on PCs. These can be certain documents such as software codes, images, videos or certain information which allow criminals to gain access to sensitive information and steal your identity. Consequently, users have to become security literate in order to understand the various threats that lurk in the digital realm. Today, it is increasing important to lock files, folders and other information with a folder lock software. The following tutorial will teach you how simple and easy it is securely lock files.

Step 1:

Download Folder Lock , the trial version has limited functionality and will expire after a few trials, therefore you are required to purchase the full version.

Step 2:

Once downloaded, double click on the downloaded .exe file and run folder lock. You will now go through the setup process; this includes setting up a master password. Set a password that is easy for you to remember, but hard to guess for others who may be try to access your confidential data.

Step 3:

Once your password is setup, you can begin locking files. You will notice that there are set of button on the left vertical pane. From this menu, click ‘lock folders’ option. Then on the top left corner, you have the ‘add items to lock’ button.

There are two ways you can lock files, the first method involves clicking ‘add items to lock’, doing this will allow a drop down menu to appear, from here you are given multiple options, these include the option to add file(s) add folder(s) and add drive(s).

Step 4:

To add a file, simply click on the add file(s) from the drop down menu, browse location and select. Once you selected the file, it will appear as a locked item (displays a green lock) on the lock folder(s) menu. If you wish to unlock the items you have locked, all you have to do is click on the item and the option menu will change on the top bar. From this menu, you are offered a variety of other security options.

Step 5 (optional):

If don’t want to be bothered by locating the file manually, there’s an easier option for you. Simply open the location of file (which you want to lock) drag and drop it in the lock folder(s) menu to instantly lock it. The drag and drop feature is developed so that anyone can lock their files in just a few simple steps.




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